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Questions you may have....

How long will it take to clean my carpet or sofa?


An average size lounge/diner carpet (12 x 20') will take just over an hour to clean.


Upholstery and leather cleaning is based on the seated area; an approximate time for a 3-seater sofa is around 1-2 hours.



What do you actually do?


CARPETS:  First we assess the fibre content of your carpet and apply the best cleaning process for you.  This is done visually and with a 'burn test' - taking a single thread we burn it to see how it behaves, the smell it gives off and the residue left - this tells us if it is nylon, wool or a combination (see our video!)


If needed, we pre-vacuum using a commercial bar-beater vacuum to bring up the pile for deeper dirt extraction.  This is followed with a pre-spray application to break down the dirt in your carpet.  We spend time working through the marks and spills individually, treating them with suitable stain removers BEFORE we even start the main clean.  We use a truck-mount machine to do this,  a high-end industrial piece of equipment with its own on-board power and water supply.  It works with hot water extraction, extremely tough on dirt yet gentle on fibres.


UPHOLSTERY: We carry out a small test patch in an inconspicuous area before we start, checking for colour-fastness and shrinkage. Our experience has enabled us to work with a huge variety of fabrics, from leather to chenille and everything in-between. 


The end result is that your carpets or upholstery will look amazing.  Our extraction system doesn’t just clean,  we include an environmentally friendly neutraliser and bactericide which is added to the water mix, this will sanitize and kill bacteria, dust mites and other allergens, leaving you with a cleaner and healthier living environment. 



How long will my carpet take to dry?


A typical carpet will be dry in a maximum of 2-3 hours.   The carpets are never left wet, just touch-damp.   A nylon carpet will dry far more quickly (less than an hour) than a wool-rich carpet (3 hours)



Do I need to remove all the furniture from the room?


Not necessarily, we can assist moving any heavy items.  We can work around sofas, moving them as we go.   An empty room is easier to clean but please don’t worry, we can work around most objects like beds and bookcases.   We would not move very large items,  such as a dresser full of your most precious ornaments! 



I usually use a Rug Doctor, why is your service any better?


We use an industry specific machine that encompasses technology far superior to any portable equipment.  Our pressure and temperatures are adjustable and tailored to each particular job.   We were trained by, and a member of,  the UK's recognised National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) so we know our stuff and you have peace of mind you are using a professional. 


How much does a Rug Doctor cost to hire, and the chemicals needed, not to forget your time in doing the task?  Take a moment to compare this to our service.    A hired carpet cleaner will not provide  the same professional quality results we can achieve.  


A common problem we are called in to deal with is ‘over-wetting’ caused from a hired portable cleaner leaving too much water in the carpets - this can result in a very unpleasant smell... Like that wet dish cloth that has been left on the side for too long?! 



How often should I have my carpets cleaned?


While every home is different, most homes should have the carpets cleaned once a year, especially if you have children, pets or heavy traffic.


A professional clean will add life to your carpets and provide a healthier fresher living space.



How often should I have my upholstery cleaned?


Upholstery should be cleaned 18-24 months as a part of regular maintenance.  Upholstery that shows visible dirt or soiling should be cleaned to avoid dirt building up and causing staining.

Something we haven't covered?  Get in touch and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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★★★★★ Absolutely amazing results, thank you so much for your top notch service. The cream carpets look wonderful and the landlord is happy!! Thank you again would definitely recommend to everyone.  Kayleigh Yates, Tewkesbury


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